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Katja Schmidt

” Over the past two years, my journey with biokinetics under the expert guidance of Johané from Travis Michelson Biokinetics has been transformative, particularly in alleviating the persistent lower back issues that stemmed from an L4 and L5 disc herniation. This condition not only exerted pressure on the thecal sac, leading to spinal stenosis, but also resulted in recess stenosis, ligamentum flavum hypertrophy, and facet joint osteoarthrosis. The comprehensive approach of biokinetics has played a pivotal role in my rehabilitation, focusing on targeted exercises to address the root causes of my discomfort. Johane's tailored interventions, designed to strengthen the core muscles supporting the spine, have been instrumental in my recovery. Biokinetics, as administered by Johané, emphasizes exercises that enhance the stability and flexibility of the core muscles surrounding the lumbar spine. This specialized form of therapy goes beyond mere symptom management, delving into the fundamental issues contributing to my lower back challenges. By engaging in a structured regimen that includes core-strengthening exercises, I've experienced a notable improvement in my overall spinal health. Biokinetics not only aids in alleviating pain but also fosters a proactive approach to preventing future injuries, promoting sustainable and holistic well-being for individuals grappling with lumbar spine issues.”

Dr. Jaco Botha

“Following my abdominal surgery two years ago, my Biokineticist, Diandra, guided me on a transformative rehabilitation journey. The tailored exercises not only bolstered muscle mass and strength, but also contributed to a significant improvement in overall gut health. Even after two years, the ongoing rehabilitation continues to yield noticeable positive changes, marking a sustained and impactful journey towards recovery. This prompted me to refer my own patients undergoing open-heart surgery to a Biokineticist for their rehabilitation needs. The positive impact extends beyond my personal experience, influencing my professional recommendation.”

Derryn Blignaut

“Three years ago, I started training as a triathlete and joined Travis Michelson Bio for weekly strength training. It has been extremely beneficial to my training with each session specifically designed to improve strength needed for the three disciplines of triathlon. This has greatly helped with injury prevention as well as overcoming injuries quickly and effectively. I highly recommend TMBio.”


“I have an autoimmune condition which results in an inflammation and pain in joints, especially the knees, and unusual issues with muscles generally. They have devised a suite of exercises to enable me to improve my wellness, and hopefully my golf, without aggravating my issues. The improvements are palpable!”

Wakisa Nkosi

“I’m very pleased with the quality/commitment of Johané and her team. She is very professional and knowledgeable, and very friendly in offering advice to address specific issues. Since I gave birth, I developed leg pain but now am much better, thanks to her. I am very happy with her. Her knowledge and expertise have been invaluable to me in this journey, and I appreciate her willingness to help me achieve my goals.”

Izelle Cloete

“Diandra is amazing, I can highly recommend her.”

Ashley Turnbull

“Biokinetics at Eagle Canyon gym under the supervision of Johané has been incredibly beneficial since having a hip replacement. It has assisted with understanding core muscle activation & exercise, the importance of stretching & balance of the muscular frame. I would definitely recommend biokinetics sessions for anyone wanting to improve their physical strength and health.”