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Pre-Op Rehab/Prehabilitation:

“Prehabilitation is defined as a process of improving the functional capability of a patient prior to a surgical procedure so the patient can withstand any postoperative inactivity and loss in functionality.”

As Biokineticists we can help you get to a better place physically before an operation to retain a higher level of function and faster recovery after an operation.

Post-Op Rehab:

Post surgical rehabilitation is necessary for re-establishing joint motion, muscle strength and joint function.

As Biokineticists we are qualified to help you safely increase workload and stimulus on a recovering joint with individualised scientific based exercises.


Injury Pre/Rehab:

Orthopedic rehabilitation covers a variety of conditions affecting the muscular and skeletal system.

The goal is to correct any limitations in the musculoskeletal system (muscle, ligaments, tendons, bones, joints, cartilage).

As Biokineticists we can address all these structures and restore strength, mobility, balance flexibility, and overall functionality with individualised scientific based rehabilitation programs.

Final Phase Rehab & Return to Sport:

Many people & athletes make the mistake of returning to activity before they are physically ready.

As Biokineticists we can help you through specific exercises to restore muscle activation, proprioception, strength, and flexibility to be able to return to your sport/activity with optimal performance.