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Travis Michelson Biokineticist was opened back in August 2012 in the beautiful Eagle Canyon Golf & Lifestyle Estate. The setting of the practice was within the prestigious Gym & Wellness Centre overlooking the exceptionally manicured golf course with some truly magnificent sunsets. This location was perfect to open a practice built on professionalism, quality service, and one that is patient focused. The aim of Travis Michelson Biokineticists was to provide the Eagle Canyon and surrounding community with services that would:

  • Help them recover from injuries quicker and safer
  • Help those with chronic pain to move and feel better
  • Help those with sport goals to perform better and minimise injury risks
  • Help those with health and fitness goals to do life better
  • Help those with Discovery Vitality to Score better and reach diamond status

This was achieved by performing an initial assessment on each client to understand their full history and start setting their goals. The assessment incorporates movement analysis, strength assessments, and special tests to ensure we have a full picture of the clients and start putting the treatment plan together.


Biokinetics basically means Life through Movement. Travis Michelson Biokineticists follows this principle, and we focus on getting the client moving in the correct way. This is done through mobility work, proprioception exercises, and educating the patient. Once the movement patterns are improved or restored, we start building resilience through progressively loading the patient with more resistance-based exercises and functional movements. The concept of progression is key to a successful rehab program, and we apply these principles to ensure the program moves in the right directions.

Over the years Travis Michelson Biokineticist has been able to help many patients/clients achieve their goals through our various programs. The practice has grown from strength to strength with many Biokineticist helping in various roles over the years. Diandra Potgieter came on board in January 2021 and has been instrumental in taking the practice to new heights. Her excellent work ethic, bubbly personality, and heart-warming smile is loved by all who are in her care and makes them feel welcome and at ease. In January 2023, Johané van der Linden was added to the team. With her strong work ethic and easy-going personality, she fitted right into the practice team, always willing to help out without a complaint. Loved by all her patients and the team, we are happy to say that Johane will be staying on as part of the team for 2024.


We are blessed with how far the practice has come, and we are excited for all that lies ahead for TMBio.