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Biokinetics vs Physiotherapy

Biokinetics vs Physiotherapy

December 4, 2023 TMBio 0 Comments

Biokinetics vs Physiotherapy

As someone working in either of these two professions, we can easily confirm that this is a question we get asked weekly: “What’s the difference between a Biokineticist and a Physiotherapist?”.

The goal of this article is to help you understand the differences between these two professions and show you how they closely work together so that you can have a better understanding of when you should see a Biokineticist and when to see a Physiotherapist.

The first difference between these two professions is that you will see them in different stages of your injury recovery/phase of rehabilitation.

A Physiotherapist forms part of the initial phase of rehab (acute phase), when you sustain an injury, a Physio will assess and treat the injury with the goal of getting you pain free and moving within normal range of movement again.

A Biokineticist forms part of the final phase of rehab (getting you back to normal functionality to return to daily activities/sport). A Bio will focus on scientific exercise prescription to work on any muscle imbalances whether that be in strength or flexibility.


The second difference between these two are their scope & method of treatment.

Physio’s will treat a wide variety of injuries using hands-on, manual therapies and passive modalities to address pain and restore movement. These techniques include soft tissue release, mobilisation, manipulation, and dry needling, as well as electrotherapy modalities.

A Bio use’s exercise-based interventions to promote functional recovery and overall physical performance. The focus of these exercises is on returning strength & endurance, improving your technique with certain movements. A Bio will also help you to develop maintenance strategies to keep you injury free. Biokineticists are known as exercise specialists, meaning they do not only focus on injury rehab, but also uses exercise as “medicine” for people with chronic conditions or special populations.

So, when do I go see a Bio or Physio?

When you have sustained an acute injury or just had surgery and pain is a limiting factor to your movement, go see a Physiotherapist. After a few sessions with the Physio, they should recommend continuing your rehabilitation with a Biokineticist.

When you have completed you Physio sessions and you are relatively pain free and have range back, it is crucial to go see a Biokineticist to help you regain strength, stability, endurance, and mobility so that you can return to sport or activities of daily living. Other reasons to go see a Bio includes improving your posture, injury prevention, enhancing sport performance, if you suffer from a chronic disease to which exercise will be beneficial, or if you just want to improve your quality of life in a safe way.

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