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What Is Biokinetics And Why Is It Beneficial?

What Is Biokinetics And Why Is It Beneficial?

November 17, 2023 TMBio 0 Comments

What is Biokinetics?

Bio (life) + kinetics (movement) = Life through movement!

The main goal of biokinetics is to use exercise as a modality to enhance physical functioning and health care.

The field of biokinetics focuses on using scientifically based physical activity program prescriptions to promote health, maintain physical abilities, help prevent disease/injury, and facilitate final phase rehabilitation after disease/injury onset.

Importance of Biokinetics and movement!

For individuals of all ages, movement is an integral aspect of daily existence. Movement has an impact on growth, education, communication, productivity at work, health, and overall quality of life. People who are mobile can move around their surroundings and stay focused. It’s a characteristic that makes life meaningful. Our bodies are designed to move!

Age, illness, injury, and heredity can all cause loss or a reduction in movement. Such loss can happen traumatizingly in an instant, or it can happen gradually over a lifetime. For patients and their families, conditions causing movement loss associated with long-term, incapacitating illnesses present additional difficulties. From the standpoint of public health, substantial resources are needed to prevent either the original impairment or further impairment resulting from this socially and environmentally orienting functioning.

Regular inactivity lowers immunity, promotes sluggishness and lack of motivation, and raises the risk of lifestyle diseases and early death. Priority must be given to the development of better disease prevention, detection, or treatment techniques as well as more potent rehabilitative strategies in order to prevent movement loss and the ensuing incapacitating conditions. The field of biokinetics has developed as a medical specialty in response to the widespread demand for high-quality, easily acquired, reasonably priced healthcare. Biokineticists are widely dispersed throughout communities worldwide; we are economically valuable for the services we provide; we identify a wide range of conditions and treat them with exercise prescriptions to improve the overall health and well-being of our patients; we give many patients who would not otherwise seek care access to the system; we prepare our children for the competitive marketplace by ensuring their physical fitness and readiness for learning and achievement; instead of more expensive institutionalized and supported care, we enhance quality of life, individual independence and overall functionality with evidence-based physical activities. 

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