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Personal service

and comprehensive care

In a welcoming and personal environment

Highly qualified professionals

in our field

With the experience needed to meet your specific and individual needs

Built on professionalism

and quality service

Travis Michelson Biokineticists is patient focused

Set in the prestigious Eagle

Canyon Gym & Wellness Centre

Overlooking the exceptionally manicured golf course

Mobility work, proprioception

exercises, and education

We focus on getting the client moving in the correct way

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Pre-Op Rehab/Prehabilitation
Post Op Rehabilitation
Injury Pre/Rehab
Final Phase Rehab & Return to Play


Chronic Conditions

Cardiovascular & Pulmonary
Chronic Pain Conditions


Sport Conditioning

Sport Injury Pre/Rehab
Sport Specific Conditioning
Running Transformation
Golf performance enhancement

Wellness & Lifestyle

Wellness is an active process of making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Exercise and movement play an important role in achieving wellness.


Special Populations

Maintain / lose weight
Reduce the impact of illness and chronic disease
Enhance your mobility


Vitality Assessment

At TMBio our Biokineticists are all registered with the Vitality Wellness Network and can assist you in doing your assessment.



TM Bio gives you top-class personal service and comprehensive care.

TM Bio gives you top-class personal service and comprehensive care in a welcoming and personal environment. We are highly qualified professionals in our field with the experience needed to meet your specific and individual needs.

The Gym

Eagle Canyon Gym and Wellness Centre offers a unique experience amidst great views and beautiful surroundings

  • Modern & well-maintained facilities
  • Cardio section, free weights, Technogym circuit, Kinesis wall, functional training area & open studio
  • Privacy & security inside a premier golf estate
  • Includes a Wellness Centre with a biokineticist, chiropractor, dietician & physiotherapist

Eagle Canyon Gym




Diandra Potgieter
Johane van der Linden
Travis Michelson


What Our Clients Say

  • Biokinetics at Eagle Canyon gym under the supervision of Johané has been incredibly beneficial since having a hip replacement.

    Ashley Turnbull
  • My journey with biokinetics has been transformative, particularly in alleviating persistent lower back issues from an L4 and L5 disc herniation.

    Katja Schmidt
  • Following my abdominal surgery two years ago, my Biokineticist, Diandra, guided me on a transformative rehabilitation journey.

    Dr. Jaco Botha
  • I’m very pleased with the quality/commitment of Johané and her team. She is very professional and knowledgeable, and very friendly.

    Wakisa Nkosi

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Biokinetics is defined as the science of movement through the application of exercise in rehabilitative treatment. Biokineticists are medical professionals that use physical activity as therapeutic treatment for various conditions.

    Your initial assessment will vary, depending on the type of injury/condition you are coming in for. Your first visit will be a ±60 min specific assessment to determine the nature and extent of your injury.

    Biokineticists are health professionals registered with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa. Therefore, our sessions do generally get covered by the medical aid.

    This varies depending on several factors.  Your age, injury or chronic condition history and severity, compliance to rehab sessions etc., all determine your rate of recovery and how quickly you will see results. 

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